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About us


Made of 100% silk - washable, wearable, livable, breathable, sensual silk.  

Created to wear in the comfort of whatever space you desire. For Travel, Home, working from home, writing from home, in luxury of your pajamas, negligee or robe.  Wrapped in relaxing silk allowing the inspiration to come. 

Amandev means Angelic Divine Peace.

Created and made in New York.

Inspired by a mother to a mother and the practices of yoga, meditation and the gift of spiritual wisdom.  The designer was looking for the comfort and ease in what one wears after a journey in the day and found to be wrapped in the comfort of natural fibre silk - the fabric of royalty - one can embody that same way of being with grace and nurture.  With a love of travel and life and an appreciation of beautiful objects, imagery and music Amandev was created to enhance our lives and satiate our physical being with just the touch of the fabric.